It is a massive consultant platform that allows ALLSPIRITA® members to use the ALLSPIRITA® App to find a consultant, ask questions, request advice and/or services directly through the ALLSPIRITA® App. The ALLSPIRITA® App allows a member to communicate directly with the Elite Advisor via the app.

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  • Our consultants are at your side
  • Shows you new ways and perspectives
  • Shows you your strengths and potential
  • Makes your heart's desires visible
  • Helps you to find the meaning of life
  • Helps you be more mindful
  • Gives you courage and confidence
  • Supports you in taking responsibility
  • Helps you to make plans and actively implement them
  • Promotes your personal development

How do I ask my question so I get a correct answer? Look at some examples and get inspired..

Sample Questions

Love & Relationships

-When will I meet my soul mate?
-Just a relationship or a big love?

Career & Success

-I got an offer for another job. When is the right time to take it?
-What career path should I choose, what is my goal?

Well-being & Dreams

- What should I do to be happier?
-I dreamed of a white bear chasing me, what does it mean?

Does he or she have feelings for me?

-Hello, my name is Rosa, my friend Ali often mentions his new colleague, could they have an affair?
- He comes home late and has been a bit distant lately, what do the cards say? What should I do?

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